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How much does it cost to charge an eletric car

How much extra an electric vehicle will increase your electric bill depends on many factors, but fear not: It's easily determined and likely won't result in the doubling or tripling of the average electric bill. Related: 5 Things That Could Slow Your EV's Home Charging Speeds. How Much Does It Cost to.

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To calculate the cost to fully charge an electric vehicle, simply multiply the cost per kilowatt-hour with the battery’s maximum capacity. Consider the Chevy Bolt, equipped with a 66-kWh battery. Taking the average rate of 13.23 cents per kilowatt-hour, this vehicle would cost the average American $8.73 to go from empty to full.

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Multiply that number by your cost per kWh and you’ll have your monthly charging bill. The average American drives about 1,183 miles per month according to the Federal Highway Administration. At.

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But for now, a typical new electric car remains more expensive than an equivalent petrol or diesel model - ranging from £23,000 to £43,000. However, cheaper second-hand EVs are increasingly.

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Typical costs for a charge could be £5-£10. The amount you’ll pay every year for charging your electric vehicle (EV) can range from an average of around £500 for a smaller city car or hatchback to approaching £900 for a larger, heavier SUV – but it will depend on your mileage. If you’re worried about how much charging at home is going. .

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The costliest region is the Western U.S., where installation can run from $950 to $1,300. It's least expensive in the Central U.S. states,.

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